Allowing Ellen Whipple to teach must have been someone's idea of a perverse joke. If her class had a second title it would be hurl harbor. It's that bad. She's an empty-headed bubble of estrogen that explodes on her class like acid, potentially scarring them for the duration of their lives.

Her bold faced statements would garner unintentional laughs if students weren't afraid of retaliation. Her lectures are a vehicle for spewing her anti-male invective. She is an academic fascist and is unabashedly anti-family. Rarely do her manifestos have an intelligent viewpoint. Mostly, it's male bashing for male bashing's sake.

One of her saddest moments is when she chastises mothers who discipline their children in public, emboldening some mothers to challenge her. How can a professor who has never been a mother be so critical?

What's most enlightening is this: you'll never see a better example of a professor's contempt for students. Students who politely ask questions are given such a rebuff that others stare in wide-eyed astonishment.

Ellen Whipple has an aristocratic coldness and aloofness that is unforgettable. She wears expensive clothes and carries herself like royalty, showing the most humanity when she's being negative. She scrunches up her face and makes negative statements, making feminist tirades and casting a pall of gloom. She plays favorites and grades unfairly.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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