Victor Whiteman is a legend in the Michigan State University School of Social Work. His hard work keeps him below the radar screen, but the products of his efforts bring him acclaim. I especially recommend him for Social Welfare Policy and Services. This is an important area of social work that Victor Whiteman makes come to life in the classroom.

Victor Whiteman's class has panache, substance, and a connectivity that is unrivaled in its authenticity. He helps one see great things about the vitality of the human connection, and how social work, even at a level of policy implementation, is part of a social worker's orientation. His focus on current affairs makes this a class of its time. It's refreshing how the class moves cleverly along, informing us while maintaining command of current social work as it pertains to local and federal government issues. Victor Whiteman truly captures contemporary social work and his class is as grown-up, smart, and savvy as anyone could hope for.

Victor Whiteman uses a variety of techniques that pump life into the classroom. His discussion strategies and teaching techniques connect and draw the student in, making each class an essential experience that should not be missed. The subject matter is presented with a clear matter-of-fact delivery, a good sense of humor, and thought-provoking material that unfolds in delightfully unexpected ways. Each lesson builds on the previous week's material.

Victor Whiteman has a pleasant, gentlemanly manner that gives him a certain likability. He puts students at ease with his helpfulness and manner, but don't let your guard down. There's substance underneath his gentle exterior, and he expects students to be their best. He's an impressive intellect who's done his time in the field, being a foot soldier in the movement, and having a hand in some of social work's greatest moments. Victor Whiteman is worldly, experienced, and uses interesting stories from those real-life experiences. A major strength is how real everything feels. He forges a mastery of detail, composition, and psychological insight into a masterpiece. There's nothing sappy here; no liberal hand-wringing and quasi-political subtext. It's just a believable edge of instruction with a pulse and a brain, an involving class with both eyes on the truth

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